Refers to the jaw. ) it usually begins in late middle age. Generalized dystonias: dystonias that affect the whole body include the following: did you know... Drugs used to treat nausea or psychosis sometimes cause abnormal sustained muscle contractions (dystonias). Botulinum toxin some trade names botox , also used to treat facial wrinkles, is used to treat some dystonias. tiger woods viagra jokes Generalized dystonia: this rare dystonia, also called idiopathic torsion dystonia, is progressive and often hereditary. In many cases, specific genetic mutations have been identified. The gene most commonly affected is the dyt1 gene. The resulting dystonia is called dyt1 dystonia. Involuntary movements result in sustained, often bizarre postures. Typically, symptoms begin during childhood, often with turning the foot in during walking. The dystonia may affect only the trunk or a leg but sometimes affects the whole body, ultimately confining children to a wheelchair. When this dystonia develops in adults, it usually begins in the face or arms and usually does not affect other parts of the body. Mental function is not affected. Dopa-responsive dystonia: this rare form of dystonia is hereditary. Symptoms usually begin during childhood. Typically, one leg is affected first. As a result, children tend to walk on tiptoes. order viagra online Symptoms worsen at night. cheap generic viagra 50mg Walking becomes progressively more difficult, and both arms and legs are affected. viagra without prescription However, some children have only mild symptoms, such as muscle cramps after exercise. buy cheap viagra Sometimes symptoms appear later in life and resemble those of parkinson's disease. Movements may be slow, balance may be difficult to maintain, and a tremor may occur in the hands during rest. Symptoms lessen dramatically when people are given low doses of levodopa. tiger woods viagra jokes If levodopa relieves the symptoms, the diagnosis is confirmed. comparison viagra viagra viagra Treatment correcting or eliminating the cause of dystonia, if known, usually reduces the spasms. buy generic viagra For example, drugs used to treat multiple sclerosis may reduce spasms related to that disease. When dystonia is due to use of an antipsychotic drug, promptly taking diphenhydramine some trade names benadryl by injection or by mouth usually stops the spasms quickly, and the antipsychotic is stopped. viagra generic For generalized dystonia, a drug with anticholinergic effects (such as trihexyphenidyl or benztropine some trade names cogentin ) is most commonly used. viagra samples These drugs reduce spasms by blocking specific nerve impulses involved in causing the spasms. However, anticholinergic effects also include confusion, drowsiness, dry mouth, blurred vision, dizziness, constipation, difficulty urinating, loss of bladder control, and tremor, which are.